Understanding research design and its relevance to your undergraduate project topic

Just for your information, undergraduate project is a deliberate, planned and detailed study which seeks to find solution to a specific problem (i.e. undergraduate project topic) using tools, instruments and stipulated principles. So already, every undergraduate research no matter what area of study has a design that researchers (students) must follow to arrive at a considerable conclusion.

This is how the process works

  • Identify the problem you want to research or the solution you ‘did like to introduce

  • Follow principles and theories guiding such topic or area of study

  • Figure out salient points, with references, to back-up your argument

  • Present a statistical analysis and interpretation

  • Present a feasible proof.

Actually, a couple or more steps are grouped into each of the five listed processes above. Meanwhile research design is basically meant to help undergraduate project students with guideline on how to present their research paper from project topic, abstract, table of content, introduction to conclusion and references. Undergraduate research is done once in one academic period for one certificate per time. This means that you probably may not know about research presentation procedure until it gets to your turn.

Here is a quick run-down of a universal undergraduate research design

  • Undergraduate project topic

  • Background to the study / Introduction

  • Statement of problem

  • Objective of the study

  • Research question

  • Theoretical framework

  • Review of related literature

  • Population (sample size and sampling procedure)

  • Research technique (methodology, instrument for data gathering)

  • Data analysis and presentation

  • Discussion of findings

  • Summary

  • Conclusion

  • Recommendations

  • References /Bibliography / citation

This is likely a universal model for a typical undergraduate research design; there may be few variations anyway based on certain factors like the academic fields of study, the purpose of the research (to find solution, to figure out the problem or to study events and their occurrences) or even the project topic itself; these factors may introduce new clauses into the frame or substitute some of it.  

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