Post UTME Examination is one of the most examinations every candidate who wishes to gain admission into top universities in Nigeria must pass. It is a strenuous examination because it is unlike every other examination, where there is always a comprehensive syllabus to help guide and prepare candidates for the examination.

Today I will discuss extensively about Post UTME examination; how to prepare and pass the examination without any problem. Thus, I sincerely advice every Post UTME candidate to read this post very assiduously, as it will help you to excel in the examination.

From the word "POST" which means "After", Post UTME is an examination conducted by the various universities in Nigeria to verify weather aspirants who seek to gain admission through their JAMB really passed very well in their JAMB examination.

However, this aim has almost been obliterated today. Universities now use post UTME examination as a key criteria for admitting students. For instance, in some universities, if you pass very well in JAMB but fail to pass very well in post UTME Examination, you will not gain not admission. And even if you gain admission, it may not be to your choice of course.

From this table of facts, it is quite apparent that post UTME examinations are very pivotal in gain admission into Nigerian universities.


1. Get The Recommended textbooks For The Examination

Getting the right study materials, is very essential to pass Post UTME examinations. Yes, this might be difficult, but it is prerequisite to pass Post UTME examinations; because of the diversity in the way post UTME examinations are conducted in Nigeria. Doing this will go a long way in helping you perform extraordinarily in post UTME examinations. So, it right to say that getting the correct materials for post UTME examination, is key to the success in the examination.

Bonus Tips:

To get the right study materials, you can request for such from aspirants who wrote the exam before you. Read textbooks that are recommended by the university you aspire to attend.

2. Read Voraciously

Students often think that once they have written JAMB examination, they have done it all. But this is not actually true. In fact, Post UTME examinations in some universities, are more valid than JAMB UTME examination. Thus, it will be very wrong to take Post UTME examination laying down. To pass Post UTME examinations you have to study relentless and smart too. Reading is the ultimate tip to pass any examination. It is the only way to pass Post UTME examinations.

3. Study Past Post UTME Questions

Another prerequisite tip to help you pass Post UTME examinations, is to study previous questions that have been asked by the university. Some universities in Nigeria often repeat their Post UTME exam questions. Thus, studying past Post UTME questions of the university you aspire to gain admission into, is very essential to pass her post UTME examination.

Excluding the fact that Post UTME past questions are likely to appear in the real exam, they also inculcate in you, how the university ask her questions.

Bonus Tip:

Studying past Post UTME questions is prerequisite to pass Post UTME examination. This tip will help you a lot. You can get past post UTME examinations questions from either the university, or from aspirants who have written the examination before you.

4. Study Past JAMB Questions

Okay, this might sound absurd, but no doubt, it is a rectified truth. Some universities go more than just repeating their own past questions. They pick questions that have been asked in subsequent JAMB UTME examination. I have made researches about this and have found out that it is really a great tip To Help aspirants pass Post UTME examination. So, another efficacious way to pass Post UTME examination, is to study your JAMB past questions properly.

5. Develop Your Understanding Skill

Believe me, Post UTME examinations are much more convoluted than any other exam you can think of. This is why you should develop your understanding skill. Make sure that while reading your past questions and materials, you are able to understand them. Do not just read and cram them.

This is very important, especially to aspirants who has not writing post UTME examination before. This is because the aspirants don't actually know the kind of examination he is to take.

6. Join A Study Group

The need to join a study group can't be overemphasised. By joining educative groups, you will learn a lot. A study group will create a framework where you learn from others and equally teach others. However, because your intent is to pass Post UTME examination, you must make sure the group you are joining is the one that is flooded with aspirants of the same university with you.

This will help you grow intellectually, and expose you to the kind of examination you are going to take (especially when you haven't written the examination before).

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