Types of research methods, cases of application and instrument for data gathering.

Choosing a research method for final year project topics rely greatly on the nature and variables in a research topic. This means therefore that every research topic has one or two research methods soothing to realize a good research outcome. There are several research methods and so does the instrument required to gather data for each case.

I ‘did like to put you through the types of research methods, the various cases it could be applied and instrument for data gathering.

Content analysis                                  

This research method is used to study documentations, written communication messages (news, feature, editorials, memos, text etc.) and graphical communication messages (like photos, videos, audio, animations etc.) and organizational behavior in the social sciences. It is also applied to study communication patterns in organization settings.

Instrument for data gathering using content analysis

Basically the instrument for data gathering in content analysis is a coding sheet.  It’s a tabular sheet, presented in rows and columns with the content categories, unit of analysis, year(s) of study, months, days and time, as the case may be.


Survey is used to gather and understand the opinion of a research population, their perception on an issue, influence of certain services, products and programmes on users and clients (i.e. research population) . Survey is one of the most widely used research methods since it has gained popular acceptance in various fields of human endeavor.

Instrument for data gathering using survey

Questionnaire is one of the most widely used instruments for gathering data in survey. Lately however, researchers have leveraged web- based survey to gather data especially if the research population is scattered and distant plus the fact that it guarantees convenience in data gathering.

Case study  

This research method is used when you want to study an individual case over time, draw inferences from the outcome and give a generalized conclusion of the outcome. This individual case can be a group, a community, specie, a place, a person, a team and the likes.


Instrument for data gathering in case study

Doing a case study, you can adopt observation, interview, and experiment. The research population is studied over time to be able to draw a considerable inference from it.


This research method is mostly applicable in the sciences, medicals, pharmaceuticals etc.; It is mostly done in the laboratory.

The instrument for gathering data in experiment   

 Specimen is usually the case.

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