There are four types of HAMMER CRUSHER. Today we would like to introduce two of them specifically, ZPC series and PCH series. Although all of them are hammer crushers, they have their own advantages, completing each other on function to achieve different needs of all types of stone production line.


Reserving the characteristics of traditional hammer crusher, the DPC series hammer crusher can crush 700-1200mm block material into different size at once time, completing the integrated function of jaw crusher and impact crusher, so it can be used for not only first crushing but also second crushing (feed-back material), making the “one as two” really realized. What’s more, this machine has high yield, low energy consumption and low cost advantages, reducing the investment cost by 30 to 40%.


PCH series hammer crusher (also known as coal crusher) is mainly used for a variety of brittle materials in the field of coal such as coal, coal gangue, coke, clean coal, raw coal, slag, shale and loose limestone etc. material with compressive strength not more than 120MPa and less than 9% surface moisture. This machine has advantage in processing both dry and wet material, widely used in coal stations and coal terminal for crushing raw coal. The grate distance can be adjusted according to the requirements, for changing the product size to meet the different needs of users. It can also be used for stone crushing production line and mineral processing line instead of cone crusher.


If you want more information about these two types, of the other two types, please visit our official website. Or you can send the query to the email shown in below.

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