TV Debate: Media Group Sends President Jonathan Advance Questions-sahara reporters

As further evidence that next month’s elections are unlikely to be free and fair, SaharaReporters has obtained a document which shows that the media group which is organizing today’s debate did prepare advance questions for President Goodluck Jonathan at least a week ago.

In addition to the questions submitted by the media group, the document also shows government functionaries feverishly trying to help Jonathan pass the test, with both questions and suggested answers carefully laid out for him. An e-mail dated 25 March from Kassey Garba, the Chief Economic Adviser to the President to Professor Sheikh Ahmed Abdullah, the Minister for Agriculture, covers Questions 23 & 24, supposedly for that Ministry. Since the questions from the media group are numbered 1-16, this suggests that Questions 17-22 were expected from other government bodies.

From: Abdul and Kassey Garba 

Subject: Q & A

Sheikh Abdullah
Date: Friday, March 25, 2011, 3:20 AM

Dear Honorable Minister,

As discussed at the meeting yesterday, I am sending you the proposed questions and suggested answers in preparation for the presidential debate as it relates to your Ministry / sector.

You are kindly requested to review the suggested answers and provide alternative answers as may be necessary, preferably less than half a page.
Please note that the 'questions submitted by the media group' are included for your information only.
I will be grateful if you could make your contribution available by 2pm please.

This is because the final document must get to His Excellency by 3pm today.
Stay blessed.

Kassey Garba

Anyone can read the full text of the report.

Was the debate a sham and fraud?
Even thou you media group...shaking my head.
I really feel sorry for this country this report happens to be true.

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after reading the above report, i tried to dismiss it but couldn't.



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