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Here is a friend in need of your advice, I quote "I am a guy of 25 years of age and am in love with a girl but I don't get the same love in return because it seems like she does not love me the same way and I have tried all my possible best but it's not working and am very much in love with her... Please I need an advice on what next I should do"...        


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First of all, it is very difficult for anyone to give you a good advice on what to do. You have not given much details about the girl in question. How old is she? What does she do? Is she working or in school? How long have you dated her. Is she the kind that likes open communication? Also I need to know a little about you before I can give you a valid advice. What do you do, are you in school or working?

How have you tried to love her, what and what have you done with her or for her since you have been dating her?


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