TRÉVO is a food supplement drink with the power of wellness and wealth. It is a super dense nutritional formula drinks that:
The company and product called TRÉVO is a company with headquarter in Oklahoma USA; born out of a deep desire to improve mans physical condition. TRÉVO contains 174 nature finest nutraceutical ingredients gotten from all around the world. The mission of TRÉVO is to create a culture of positive change in people’s lives; to bring hope, prosperity, good health, generosity, and love. It is the power of three; to Restore, Renew and Revive. TRÉVO restores vital energy and mental focus naturally, renews your body system and natural function and revives your body’s anti-aging and immune function support.
1. Trevo is delicious, Kasher approved, Result-driven nutrition for adults of all ages and children
2. Replaces what the body is missing from today's nutrients depleted diets.
3. The answer to your family’s need for complete, natural nutrition
4. The best protection against premature aging
5. Tested and certified by Brunswick Laboratory, scoring a phenomenal rating of over 373,000 Orac score per bottle
6. Provides your body with a full complement of essential vitamins and minerals, plus amino acids, co-enzyme Q10, vital trace minerals, powerful antioxidants, and digestive enzymes.
7. Increases energy, enhances mental focus, vibrant good health, anti-aging benefits, and weight management support.
Ø Central nervous system
Ø Increased energy
Ø Enhanced mental focus
Ø Digestive system health
Ø Anti-aging benefits
Ø A wonderful sense of wellness
Ø Child growth
Ø Free bowel movement
Ø Prevents Cancer
Ø Fights Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping)
Ø Mental Alertness
Ø Prevents senile dementia (mentally less acute in old age)
Ø Cough and influenza
Ø Fibroids
Ø Weight management
Ø Cardiovascular system health
Ø Immune system health
Ø Healthy Cholesterol and Blood sugar
Ø Boost Immunity
Ø Detoxifies
Ø Enhances Fertility in Male and Female
Ø Balances Hormones
Ø Treats Ulcer
Ø Stress Management
Ø Boost Sperm Count
Ø Promotes good Eye sight
Ø Treats Stroke
TRÉVO Product Testimonies\
“ Drink Trévo today and be the next to share your testimonies” Igwe Ogwo
Financial empowerment and Freedom\
“I was cynical and doubtful about the TREVO opportunity due to past experiences, but my brother forced me to look more closely and I’m gladI did, because now I make almost triple my income from the Federal Teaching Hospital where I still work.” – Dr.Amaka O. (Ibadan)
“I was a banker for 8 years before I lost my job, when I joined TREVO my goal was to double my last salary. I made N25,000 in my first monthbut reached my goal in my 8th month and by my 11th month I had hit a 7 figure monthly income, had been awarded a brand new car and it’s still getting better.” - O. A. 2013
“For my wife and I, our first 4 months in the business were challenging, but we persisted, remained optimistic, and learnt from mentors, thing improved by 6th month, and combined we earn almost a million Naira monthly. TREVO truly works”. – Mr & Mrs John (Warri)
“ I analyzed the TREVO opportunity last year, was impressed and went for it full blast; today I earn Ten thousands of dollar monthly with a brand new car, free international travel, and it’s getting more exciting.” - J.A. (Lagos) 2013
Contact a Trevo Life and Health today @ to start enjoying the complete Power of Wellness in one bottle.
whatsapp: +234-8143255966
Skype: dany.trev

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