The fast growing business trends have inspired consistent changes every now and then around its cycles; rapid changes have taken place within a short time, much of which has deeply affected how businesses are managed. From financial security to marketing communications, business management is no longer what it was, ‘cause new trends are overtaking the market on short intervals. Right here, I wish to update you on the current trends in business management, some of which includes;

Data driven innovations                                             

The new key of doing better business and competing favorably in 2019 is data. Business managers have already trusted so much on customers demographics and psychographics; grasping strongly on their very sensitive and personal information to be able to predict customer’s needs even when they have not realized it; that’s their very competitive edge in 2019.

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Business management as we have it currently in 2019 is not really about what you have, it now about who you know. You just have to network with the right links and watch business grow smoothly. Building connections isn’t limited to your business partners, it’s very necessary to network with other organizations whose actions and decisions may influence your business.

Blockchain technology

The quest for financial privacy and security is certainly compelling businesses to adopt blockchain technology as one of the fast growing and reliable form of business transaction especially on a large scale. Aside financial security, blockchain promises equality in financial deals across the international borders.

Video marketing

Scrolling down your phone everyday, you would have noticed that businesses are now adopting videos as a better means of marketing their businesses to the general public. This is most evident in social media like Facebook, Instagram, linkedIn and on their websites. Products are introduced via this medium, live interview and discussions are held to promote customer trust and increase the credibility of businesses.

Expect more of these trends in the next post.  

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My employer has long since switched to paying for a cryptocurrency in order not to pay a large percentage to the bank. It completely suits me, as payments go without delay.

Thanks for your contribution dear.

Now it is a frequent occurrence in the online business. I first encountered this when I started working remotely (I have a small child). It turned out that it is very convenient. I just change the cryptocurrency (etherium) in the exchanger This works great for small deals. In general, it very simplified my life.

Glad it did


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