Professional Courses in Nigeria – There are lots of courses in Nigeria that are more applicable and direct to a job. In the country Nigeria, professional courses certificates are highly recognized thereby boosting your chances of landing you in any job you seek for.

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Also, professional courses can boost your Curricula Vitae (CV) and boost your status the society. For fresh graduates who have little or no working experience as required by most firms, professional courses can help make up for it. Here is a list of various professional courses for you to study in Nigeria:

1. Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM)

The Chartered Institute of personnel management of Nigeria is an institution established in 1968. Initially called Association for practitioners personnel management when newly established later renamed as Chartered institute of personnel management (CIPM).

This association gives out certificates to people who have successfully enrolled in their professional personnel management training programs thereby adding value to already certified and intending personnel managers.

2. Chartered Institute of Marketing of Nigeria Certification (CIM)

This is a professional marketing body for marketers and practitioners in related fields such as marketing and mass communication experts, general managers, chief executive officers, sales and marketing directors, customer service managers, relationship directors, media planners, channel developers, creative directors, value builders and brand builders etc.

Have an added advantage in your field by getting certified by this professional body, you can also acquire this professional certificate irrespective of your field as soon as you have the minimum requirement.

3. Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria Certification (CPIN)

The certified pension institute of Nigeria is a National institute that is responsible for training and retraining of professionals of pensions here in Nigeria.

The primary idea which this institution was founded was to bring together professional benefit administrators and every other interested bodies to encourage dialogue, cooperation and educational opportunities.

You stand a good chance of gaining practical experience of exactly the things you will face out there. No matter your field you can enroll in their certification program and get certified by this body thereby boosting your CV.

4. Center for Law and Business Certification

The center for law and business certification prepares people to become business managers, business layers and business leaders.

Before one is issued this certificate, he/she must have gone through the short term certification program which demonstrates that the person has achieved practical experience in a business context, business law competency, and a mastery of business thinking.

5. Business Education Exams Council Certification

Certification by this body will not only speed up your employment but also your promotion. Firm owners prefer employing people with this certification.

Private business owners too can also participate in their training which will lead them to gaining more experience in the business.

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