Black is beautiful. There are so many beauty tips for light skin hence all marketing strategies are focused on it. Do dark - skinned ladies not have a right to care for their skin ?
Ladies with dark skin need a different set of makeup and skin care to maintain that lustre look. Dark skin care is a treasure that should be valued .
Use sunscreen
There is no rule stating that dark skin does not need sunscreen . Use sunscreen to prevent damage to the skin and slow the ageing process .
Moisturize Everyday
Dark skin looks ashy when it’s dry . Moisturise everyday to maintain a youthful and radiant expression .
Take care of pimples
Dark skin is prone to pimples and its obvious when it occurs. Always remove makeup from the face before bed time. Use a good facial mask suitable for your skin tone . Do not pick pimples on the face because it leaves marks.
Exfoliation is a necessity that every skin needs to remove dead skin cells and close the pores. It checks the breakout of pimples . A simple home made regime will do the trick . Try a mixture of olive oil and sugar as a homemade exfoliating lotion .
Face Mask
Apply a face mask once a week to moisturize and remove blemish. Try a simple homemade face mask like a mixture of honey and egg . To use, Apply the mixture to the face and let it set for 10 minutes before you wash off. The type face mask used depends on the skin type .

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I agree that black women are very beautiful. I especially like when they have beautiful eyes and false eyelashes like on the


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