Top 10 Best Job Sites In Nigeria 2017 | Job Search Website

The Top 10 Job Search Websites In Nigeria 2017 | Popular Job Websites in Nigeria

Due to the current rate of  unemployment in the country, there is every need to help Nigerians with the top websites to get the latest job vacancies in Nigeria. We are going to introduce you to the top -- best job search website in Nigeria 2017 for those people that are seeking employment.

Gone are those stone age where job seekers have to walk morning to evening submitting application to companies but these days all you have to do is submit application online from the comfort of your bed room. Online job sites are rendering job advert placement useless, those days job vacancies adverts are placed in strategic locations to been seen by interested candidates who may wish to apply.

In time past, it was a normal phenomenon for companies and organisations to place adverts in newspapers for vacancies that exist within an organisation. But these days, things has changed all thanks to some reputable job search websites that has been doing their work adequately.

Obviously, there is increase in the number of graduates in Nigeria, and jobs have become scarce as a result. If is very understandable that the number of graduates outweighs the available job opportunities resulting to increase in the rate of unemployment or underemployment in Nigeria. It is very painful to see vibrant graduates going for jobs that are way below their qualifications. Seriously, you don't have to suffer same fate with these people, you can get the right job if you use the right platform.

Your only problem on this quest might be finding a well reputable website for your job hunt. Don't panic, we are going to get you acquainted to the Top 10 Job Search Websites in Nigeria 2017 where you will not find any body that will defraud you all in the name of getting a good job for you.

There are a lot of job sites in Nigeria that find out time to compile these vacancies in one website just to make it easy for you to get all the vacancies in Nigeria. They make job search easy for you because you can search for these jobs using job locations, by sector (type of job) with few clicks. Without much ado , we present to you the top 10 Best Job Sites in Nigeria where you can find the latest job listing in Nigeria.


1. Hot Nigerian Jobs (

Jobberman use to be the best job search website in Nigeria but it has recently been unseated by Hot Nigerian Jobs. As at July 2017, the best/top job search website in Nigeria is, ranking 96th website in the country. Judging from history, Hot Nigerian Jobs is one of the oldest jobs listing websites in Nigeria and it is your best bet when it comes to getting you the best job.


2. Jobber Man (

The second best job search website in Nigeria is Jobber Man, it might look naive seeing this  website at this position but it was on the first spot some years ago but as been bettered by Hot Nigerian Jobs. It is ranked 175th website in Nigeria and the second on the queue. You can find thousands of job vacancy alert on the website listed across sectors free of charge.


3. My Job Mag (

My Job Mag is ranked 124th website in Nigeria, making it another great platform to search for jobs in Nigeria. Mind you, their rank is not a determinant on how these sites are ranked on this page. This portal is one of the fastest rising website in Nigeria , i check it rank some months ago it was 25,708 globally and 127 in Nigeria. When i checked again recently it has climbed to 124th.


4. NG Career (

Listing out the Top 10 Job Vacancy listing sites in Nigeria without including is all useless. Ngcareers job portal is a popular and reputable website to get current job listing of many giant companies in Nigeria and their page rank is something to wrote home about. They are highly prioritized job site and it is user-friendly design for both Pc and mobile users. This is the best place where people seeking for employment go in search of their dream job . They give the best of update on new job opportunities and they are genuine and reliable.


5. Joblist Nigeria (

Another respected Job search sites in the Nigerian that guarantee fans the best job opportunities is Joblist Nigeria. According to Alexa, it is ranked 815 based on traffic. It Facebook page will go a long  way to tell you how reputable this website is . It is your best bet when the need to carry out an on-line job hunt arises. Joblist Nigeria ( is currently ranked 61,283 globally and position of 408 in Nigeria.


6. Careers24 (

This website needs little or no introduction, it online presence and publicity is very profound and enviable . Careers24 is a Nigerian job search website that stands out as a result of it uniqueness and simplicity. Careers24 is a PC and mobile friendly website that allow you navigate easily within it sections. Careers24 has over 47,000 Facebook fan page likes, ranked 282nd website in Nigeria.


7. Job Gurus (

Jobgurus is another job search website that has been there for decades and has all it takes to get you the best job in Nigeria. Job Gurus is an online job search platform that is located in Port Harcourt, with a goal of advertising new job vacancies to Nigerians. This website has nothing less than 34,000 Facebook page likes and 13,000 Twitter follower, ranked 198th in Nigeria. This is one of the best place to search for job placement with the aim of occupying available job positions at the firm.


8. Just Jobs (

As the name suggests, their almost responsibility is to get you updated on the latest and current job vacancies in Nigeria. Their goal is to put job seekers on the known regarding the latest and current job vacancies in small and and multinational companies in Nigeria.


9. JobZilla (

JobZilla is a reputable job search website in Nigeria that guarantee all job seekers the luxury of getting them up-to-date with the latest job vacancies in the country. Job Zilla has over 19,000 Facebook fan page likes and over 1,000 Twitter followers. It is currently ranked 309th website in Nigeria occupying the 9th job search website on this list.


10. Naira Career (

At the last position, we have Naira Career which is another unique job search website where you can get the most recent update on recent job placement. This website gives fans the ability to know whats going on and when companies are recruiting new employee. Job seekers are attracted to this portal and they reason might be it cool interface . Naira Career have a total of 748 Likes on their Facebook fan page and 1,774 followers on Twitter. It is ranked 1,930th site in Nigeria.



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