The dissertation is the most important document in the student’s career. Usually, it is written by students at the end of their bachelors, masters or Ph.D. degree. This document ranks the highest in worth of their academic life. It is considered as token of their intelligence and ability to perform in their work career.

           Student often feel extremely burdened just by thinking about the dissertation writing. But this is not that hard! You just need to find the right topic and follow simple tips to end up with the worthy dissertation. Don’t mix it with essay writing! See the following tips and start writing.

  • Select your topic carefully

        This is vital for your research that you choose a topic that is engaging, popular and important in terms of its impact. Depending upon your career make sure that you choose a topic that you personally find appealing. Passion is the only driving force that will enable you to write dissertation easily.  

         Students often make a mistake of choosing a topic that sounds difficult to them; thinking that it will create an impact on the professors and help them find the right job later in life. But the truth is, this mistake creates complexity for them in this phase and effects their dissertation at the end.

         So perform thorough research, read researches from other students and scientists. This will help you find your perfect topic.

  • Make proposal

          Proposal writing is one of the most important stages in the dissertation phase. Do research about your selected topic and make detailed proposal according to the format given by your supervisor. You can also find templates for proposals on the internet.

  • Start early

         Don’t wait for deadlines. Start early and you will get time for proofreading, which will create a huge difference.

        Yes! write abstract at the end. At the beginning of writing, you might not be clear about the reasons for selecting the topic. An abstract is a summary of your dissertation that requires an introduction, research methodology and outcomes. Thus writing it at the end will make is more effective and precise.

  • Don’t write an introduction first

        Introductions are not easy to write. Thus write  introduction after your first chapter of the literature review. It will help you gather your thoughts and form your opinions about the topic.

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