Tips to Increase Your E-Commerce Website Conversion Rates

Optimization and conversion rate are buzzwords that are easy to find but can be tricky to implement without a plan and clear objectives. To be clear, optimization is the process of making changes and tweaks to your site to make it better, more visible and more user-friendly to site visitors. Website Conversion rate optimization specifically deals with changes you can make to your site to encourage visitors to complete the desired action whether it’s making a purchase, filling out an opt-in form or engaging with your site via comments or social shares. You might have a site that sees hundreds of visitors a month – but those numbers mean nothing if those visitors are not completing the action you made the site for. And while there is no exact formula for raising your ecommerce conversion rate, there are certainly good practices to get you started.


  1. Make the goal of your e-commerce website clear
  2. Identify your ideal web visitor and target them
  3. Make your funnel for traffic easy to navigate
  4. Make data-driven decisions when optimizing your site
  5. Don’t overlook opportunities for SEO
  6. Diversify your marketing strategies
  7. Make it clear why a customer can have confidence in you
  8. Make Call to Actions a value to your audience and keep them simple
  9. Match the message of your PPC and paid ads to your Unique Value Proposition and website experience
  10. Keep a consistent flow of relevant content

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