Tips For Removing Carpet Stains with Cleaners You Already Have

Use this simple remedies which are available in the home to get rid of tough stains on your favourite carpet.
Beer isn ’t just meant for drinking . It is also effective for removing tough stains. Simply rub beer on the stain and clean with a piece of cloth. Continue cleaning to remove all traces of the stain .
When the little one mistakenly spills juice on the carpet, blot the stain , wipe with a wet sponge , then spritz shaving cream and clean with a damp sponge . Shaving cream is effective for oily stains too .
Cornstarch is another superpower in cleaning tough stains , mix cornstarch and milk into a paste and apply on ink stain . Leave it for several days brush it off and vacuum .
Vinegar removes almost every stain, it is very effective in removing tough stains on the carpet .
For tough dirt , make a paste using vinegar and cornstarch , apply on the stain and leave for two days and then clean .
For paint stains , Mix vinegar , laundry detergent and water and wipe until clean .
Salt is another cleaning agent effective for removing tough carpet stains. For oily stains , mix salt and alcohol to clean . For tough Ketchup spill , do not let the ketch up dry because that will make it difficult to clean . Sprinkle salt on the spill , and leave it for a few minutes , then vacuum . Continue to salt and vacuum till the stain is completely removed .

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