The ‘4-Day Thyroid Fix’ is a book that is written by Dr. Anthony Capasso. It unveils the secrets of rebooting thyroid glands by eating healthy food and following a schedule. Dr. Capasso researched for years and jotted down the outcomes of his research in this book. It tells you about various reasons that cause thyroid malfunctions and what you can do to tackle it. Moreover, you’ll come to know which food is damaging your health and which is beneficial for it. It is a complete guide on how you can make little yet impactful changes in your lifestyle that will help you in maintaining your health. The method is lucid and people belonging to any age group can follow it easily. It is the best way to lose weight as you don’t need to leave your favorite food or move to a low-calorie diet. In fact, if you had ever gone to a low-calorie diet then that can also make you prone to thyroid dysfunction.
Many times, we eat food that we consider healthy and do the exercises that we think are good for us. However, the truth is that the food and exercises that we actually think are beneficial may be hazardous for our thyroid glands. For instance, all of us consume wheat and it is an essential ingredient of our mundane food. But do you know that it is harmful to the thyroid? It increases iodine resistance that leads to thyroid malfunction. Similarly, broccoli, beans, and soy damage our thyroid further. This book will supply the information about what to eat and what not to eat. Some of us even do a plethora of exercises to stay fitter. However, few of them may harm us rather than being beneficial. The book will reveal the exercises that we should avoid. The nutrient cycle tells us which food should be eaten at what time. If we eat ‘right food at the right time’ then we can easily tackle the malady. The best thing about the program is that you can eat whatever you want. You just need to consume your favorite food at the right time.

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