Meet Oyediran Igbagbosanmi Israel, Batch A 2011/2012 Benue State corps member who erected a block of three classrooms with locally available materials and labour...

It all started when in November 2011, Oyediran Igbagbosanmi Israel, the State Evangelism Secretary then, visited the village on a survey for the next rural evangelism outreach.

According to the community head’s son, Dev Israel, Igbagbosanmi was the first Corps member to step onto the land.

January 13-15, 2012 was chosen as time out for the fulfillment of the core vision of the NCCF and the impact was tremendous as the villagers came out en masse to meet with the August visitors – the Christian Corps members.

When it was time for the visitors to leave, the people of the community continued to implore the Corps members to pay follow-up visits to the community, and help plead their case for development wherever they could.

Armed with a passion for positive change and impact, and a training in the Family Life and Community Reorientation (FACOR) programme under the umbrella of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Community Development Service group, Igbagbosanmi erected a block of three classrooms, including a toilet facility and a motorized well in order to steer the community towards achieving universal education, amongst other MDGs.

Since then, a few Corps members have found their way back to the hitherto ‘forgotten’ land to make some contribution by volunteering to teach for a few weeks. 

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