This Is How To Know You Are Not Ready For A Relationship

You really are not ready for a serious relationship or marriage until you have fallen in line with the requirement explained here.

You may think you are ready for a relationship because people around you are catching the love bug and getting hitched every other Saturday, but getting to that phase requires more than desire.
Of course relationships often begin with attraction and a willingness to act on that attraction till it blossoms into a relationship. But it surely takes more than attraction and willingness to get into that relationship. More importantly, it takes more than attraction to make the relationship work as it should, and also last forever.

You do not need only one thing to know if you are ready to date and responsibly fall in love.

Relationship needs are multiple and until you have traits such as patience, an ability to communicate effectively and rightly, a willingness to compromise, an abundant desire to do your part and put in the required effort, an open-mind, a heart of commitment and devotion, an ability to forgive and overlook, as well as emotional intelligence among many other things, then you really can’t even begin to think you are actually ready for a serious relationship.

Self discovery is what you need. When you have that, you are almost ready.
Note that one does not need to be 100% at all these things because perfection isn't really a goal for many people, but something pretty close and a willingness to keep growing is very desirable for most people.

Apart from all this though, one thing is more important, more necessary and really too significant to be left behind when heading into a relationship, and that is self-discovery.

To not know yourself and your vision, to not have an idea of where your life and plans are headed is not a problem you want to involve someone else in.

Until you have gone on that voyage of self discovery and gotten, at least, a vague idea of yourself, you really should not be dating anyone yet.

Self discovery is what determines to a large extent, the direction your life takes, and even the kind of choice you make.
Why self-discovery is important
Self-discovery is a door that leads to many things such as self-love, personal core values, future direction, plans, life goals, etc.

The first thing you want to do as a man or woman is to know what you are putting out there for people to fall in love with. Also you want to know enough so you can look for someone who will complement you and all that pertains to your existence; someone whose dreams can be merged or, at least, ride alongside yours without a head-on collision.

No one is asking you to have become familiar with 100% of your soul yet because, for real, when you are still young and growing, discovery is still pretty an evolving process.

However knowing just enough about your strengths, weaknesses, skills, talents, abilities and all that stuff is really necessary.

Know your proclivities, your tendencies, things you can’t put up with, things you can’t do without, things you struggle with, things you have mastered, wishes you have, goals you have set and so on and so forth.

You really are not ready for a relationship until you have fallen in line with this requirement spelled above.

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