"They will cover you with the blood of Jesus but cover themselves with Armed men

   By  Eric Patrick,

They sell handkerchiefs, Bibles, olive oils, wristbands, vest etc to you and also pray for your protection but they cannot do the same for themselves. They cover you with the blood of Jesus gives you full assurance of safty but needs police and army for protection. They prefer going about with their police orderly than asking the holy spirit to protect them. Even inside the so called house of God, they still keep their security.

What is this picture telling you? It's simply means they are yahoo men in suit parading themselves as men of god. Being a pastor is a calling from God, it's not a profession. They are business men and after your money.

They don't have any special powers. how can a man of God praying for  your protection but they all go about with bodyguards, does it means they have physical battles than memebers?

In the time of Jesus there was nothing like security, he never went about preaching the word of God with bodyguards. If you call yourself a man of God you will fear no forces, spritually or physically.Read more


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