The truth is one and no more we all know the truth of jos crisis  i am not a writter but i have to write this to inform those that are calling for prosecution of  the culprit of last jos crisis. Yes is true they shpuld be borught to book becouse nobody is above the law and what they did is not right in the site of God but we have to do justice to these peole by making sure that those that killed their relative are bring to book  too becouse is that injustice that made them take law into their hands. if Goernment can arrest them so why not arrest the culprits of the first crisis which is the genesis of all these crisis in jos. the solution is one justice delay is justice deny so why since 2008 and jan 2010 no anybody that government said it found guilty and sentence to why? we have to ask ourself becouse if we allow this to be going on the blood and soul of innocent people will fight us back  and we all know the implication of that that is desester in the nation which we are not praying for in this our great nation

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Truth should be whole and not half, Mr. Nura Hamza. Please, tell us the full (truth) story from both sides in the Jos crisis and what you think should be done.

Thank you.
mr Onye, i think is too early for you to show your true colour, we now understand that you are not a patriotic, you cannot be a good leader,you have the same idea with Jonah Jang. so let me tell you there is nothing you can do about hausa/fulani bcos they are much far above your expectations,you are just living in one remote area that you dont even know the meaning of INDIGEN.
thank you Hamza for telling the truth,may god bless you.
Mr onye Igbo case is different with that of jos,o please let us remove any biasness in our heart and do the right thing. so igbo wanted to break out of the coutry while beron in jos want to claimthe state as their owrn state. so the issue of nemeis is not arise igbo are good than beron

The truth is that you can't hide and be advocating violence , by inciting people to embrace reveng as a means of settling disputs. you and your group that sponsor that killing, knows what you are doing . stop that madness mr hamza. you are now sounding like an angel , tell us what we should understand from this your write up. That the parpetrators of those dastardly act should be allowed to go free?. you people are even loucky that southerners have human sympathy, i know that if it is us , you will like us to finish our selves so that you and your kins men will come and ocupy our land as you wanted during the civil war. well i can say that nemesis have caught up with you guys next time you will know the implication of killing innocent souls.fools. did any body bring you hausa/fulani even the so called jos indigen to justice when trying to wip igbos away from the face of earth. as you can see the GOD we worship is fighting for us.
Mr Dominic you are right the the right thing to do is let both site culprits pay for their sin and that what will restore hope and confidence of the people. thanks

M. dominic (nsc) said:
Truth should be whole and not half, Mr. Nura Hamza. Please, tell us the full (truth) story from both sides in the Jos crisis and what you think should be done.

Thank you.
Nice Post......


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