The Side Business That Can Make You N50,000 – N100,000 Per Week

If you’ve been running your business for a while, and have drawn up a conclusion that Nigeria is not a friendly place to run a business, then you’re not doing it right, or you probably have a business type that has no potential of earning as much you’re expecting.

There are tons of profitable businesses in Nigeria, and many people are already cashing in on them, raking in thousands of naira weekly. If you’re want to join the train, here are a few of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria, that can earn you N50000 – N100000 weekly.

Web Designing

Yes, you heard that right. Businesses are springing up daily looking for web developers that would help give them an online presence. Guess what, this doesn’t come cheap. Website designers/developers in Nigeria charge an average of N50,000 to design a website.

So, if they get at least N50,000 for a job, you should know they’ll be earning a lot at the end of the month. If you have this skill, then your business is set, and you really won’t be needing capital to begin, except you want to carry promotions to get words out about your service.


This is currently trending in Nigeria, as everyone is turning into a photographer. Photography has become highly profitable and a really attractive business, unlike in the past when photographers were not held in high-esteem and seen as low income earners.

All through the week, Mondays to Sundays, events happen all over the country. For photographers who have gone up the ladder – the like of TY Bello and Kelechi Amadi, they earn millions of Naira weekly from their businesses. For starters, they earn an average of N100,000 from just a single event.

If you have this skill, it’s time you get words out and ‘scream’ on social media that you offer photography service. Instagram also makes this easier – tell your clients to give you a mention each time they upload those pictures.

Event Planning

This is one of the best sellers. Just like photography, you can get clients every single day, and you would even need to employ more hands in no time. It’ll interest you to also know that event planners that are rookies in the business charge nothing less than N100,000 for a single event. Yes, really!

From weddings, to corporate events, the bridal showers and several others, the event planning industry in Nigeria is really wide. You can decide to choose a niche, or grab it all. It’s up to you. You can also expand your offering by providing vendor services you know your client would need – photography, ushering, catering, and others. This would further increase the fee you’re charging.

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