The Search Engine Marketing: Be noticed with search ads

Hey! By now, you probably know that search engine marketing is a great way to advertise to people at just the right moment – when they’re looking for your products or services. But do you know how it actually works?

Search engine marketing is based on an auction system. So in this video, we’ll discuss how the auction works, and look at an example to help you figure out how to use SEM in the best way for your business.

Let’s start with a search for a common service—say, wedding photography. Take a look at the results page.

In the center you’ll see organic listings – listings that weren’t paid for. And at the top and down the right column you’ll see the paid ads.

Search engines limit the number of slots adverts can appear in on an individual page. Advertisers then compete in an auction for those slots.

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The Search Engine Marketing: Be noticed with search ads

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