Jacob Simon

The Armed Force's Remembrance Day is still one of those special days in the national life of Nigerians where there is sober reflection and huge reverence for all the fallen armed men who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that the geographical entity called Nigeria is still one and intact.

The gallantry of the Armed forces since 1967 till date has been no doubt very phenomenal,they swore an oath and they sustain the promise with their blood.

Their bravery and courageous might has earned Nigeria an international repute of having one of the best footsoldiers and even more gratifying "The giant of Africa".

The servicemen have always been in and out of the theatre of war in diverse respects,they are enemies to the known and preys to the unknown predators, their families are always relegated to the balcony of their hearts just so that they can maintain the clarity of military emotions to gallantly defend the territorial integrity of the most populous black nation,their wives and children are always on the edge, as there is a frightening primonition that the last time they embraced him with a"Welcome" could be the very last.

They have shelters under the sun and find comfort inside the stormy rain,they are not afraid of dying for the unity of Nigerians, with their blood, politicians win elections,with their sweat, the businessman transacts in the most serene and safe environment,they are always on the heels of saboteurs and an unending hunt for terrorists. Fight battles they no nothing about and pursue a cause which they never get the glory in the end.

Since the wake of terrorism in 2001 and more resoundingly pronounced in 2010, the Armed men have been in the front burner fighting and dying, perpetually incapacitated because of the horrendous war at Sambisa, getting ridiculously vulnerable because of the corrupt practices of the Abuja-based generals and making their childrens fatherless because of the empty and outdated weapons given to them to fight carriers of sophisticated weapons of mass destructions.

These great Patriots of Nigeria remain ultimately the model of what every public office holder and even the citizenry should be;disciplined,honest,sacrificial,dedicated and selfless in the discharge of their national duties.

They Sterling virtues of these fallen heroes and the values which they held dear to heart in protecting this country against external aggression must be imbibed with gait equanimity before true headways can be made towards repositioning this country.

Our policians must learn that the call to service as portend by a line in our national anthem is not an invitation for self-empowerment and an aggrandizement of wealth,the oath of office taken by national leaders upon been sworn in must be given due solemnity and sacred reverence throughout their currency in office.

January 15th of 2020 should not just be another occasion where dignitaries assemble and write sympathetic messages to families of fallen Armed men nor should it be an avenue to make robust promises that will disappear with the wind.

The EMBLEM launch by President Buhari is laudable and highly commended but the lessons that can be gleaned from the national sacrifice of these men is mostly desirable because they are the REAL HEROES.

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