It is normal for students who just gained
admission to be filled with excitements and
joy. This joy is caused by varieties of factors.
Some see the opportunity of being admitted
into the higher institution as an invitation to
freedom, while others see it as an avenue for
engaging in productive exploits.

The latter are often left with the question –
“ After admission, what’s next? ” They seek
advice from several people most of which are
beneficial, because it gives them an idea of
how to spend the rest of their days in school.

The aim of this article is to reveal to newly
admitted or first year students, guide on how
to be distinguished as successful students. In
other words, the tips to be discussed here are
aimed at creating a favorable atmosphere for
freshers to build a solid foundation; to serve
as a springboard of excellence throughout
their years in the tertiary institution and as
well, minimize the occurrence of mistakes.

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