How i wish this article of mine is being publish in a newspaper to pass the information across to nigerians, the topic before me is the growing effect of
child labour in nigeria
First & foremost,what is child labour? Child labour is dangerous and unhealthy work done by children age
4-17 in order to support thier families & provide themselves with basic house hold needs.In Nigeria,growing gaps
between rich and poor in recent decades have forced
millions of young children out of school and into work,most of them work under the condition that
are considered illegal, hazardous,or extremely exploitation.
Furthermore,underage children work at all sort of jobs around the world,usually because they and their families are
extremely poor,some
children work in illicit
activities like the drug
trade, prostitution or other traumatic activities such as
hawking etc
The growing effect of child labour in our community
are:poor performance in school ,dropping out of school,exposure to theft,armed robbery,rape and drug abuse,violating
national minimum age laws.Also threaten children
physical,mental or
emotional well being, which involves
intolerable abuse such as child slavery,child
trafficking,debt bondage,forced labour or illicit activities and using
children to undermine
labour standards.
The Flagrant effect of child labour in our community is the increase in level of
illiteracy and crime rate,children who are
expose to money making in their childhood,may find
it difficult to return to
school,most of them have become gangsters,hoodlums,urchins disturbing the peace of this nation in the nearest future such as BOKO HARAM today.If they had been train in their childhood they would not become terrorist
In addition, child labours has threaten children physical, mental or emotional well-being since
most children work in flirty environment,rug factories which use dangerous chemical, child labourers
often work 12 to 15 hour a day and earn as littles as a
few pennies a day which have threaten thier health since they work more than they tends to do.
The last straw that broke the back of the camel is children being denied of right to education,education we say is light,we say is power,we say is transformation,children without education are in a great darkness.parent who can't afford to send their children to school as a result of low salary or wages will rather prefer to his children hawking or doing other illegal jobs to get money to return to school which do not give children opportunity to read and write while others are in school.
In conclusion how can child labour be fully eradicated? This is a question that should agitate the minds of every meaningful nigerians,but there is a saying that "that when there is will, there is a way".I think the government and the parents have the major role to play,the government should make education free at all level,attractive salary should be given to parent in order for them to finance their home properly and also their should be law that any child found labouring at any sort of jobs his/her should be arrest and prosecute according to law.parent as well should never allow their children in any sort of jobs for any reason.

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It is unfortunate.  Child Labour seems to have no end in the country in spite of all the hues and cries about it.  However, it is also a measure of the economic hardship in the land coupled with high birth rate among our people.  A situation where parents have to use their children for economic means in order to survive is most appalling.


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