The going of 9 idiots to the Nigerian embassy in Bangkok on the 1/09/2011.The plan of the meeting started when the said F.B.I officials known as Mr. JEROME CHIKE OBINABO learnt that the Nigerian government is making plans to invite him to Nigerian to answer about his evil conduct here in Thailand. He quickly contacted his man opio and d*** for suggestions on what to do. He was adviced to come very close to their man yomi which means they have to pay an urgent visit to the embassy.


At first three on them decided to go alone but they later realize the ambassador is not aware of their underground dealings with Mr. yomi. So they went ahead calling people to come over to the embassy. No body turned out only eight of them. The fool making them nine later arrived when eight of them have already gotten inside the embassy. When he arrived at the conference room they gave him a good smile and warm welcome for the ambassador to think that he is among them. The number 9 fool quickly ran out of the meeting when he saw the police and media coming in. He became afraid because he never knew what the mission was. hahahahahha. Jerome pretended to be paying a condolence visit to the embassy while his motive was to feed them with negative information. The ambassador as a diploma and knows all your tricks, you can't fool him. You are lucky to have gotten Mr. yomi because your group has warned him that if he does not stand with you people till the end, you will show his picture on numerous location to the world. hahahah. He has forgotten that other Nigerians have that same pictures too but they are waiting for the right time to present it if need be.


Nine of you have been noted and known to Nigerians as bird of the same feather. we are now knowing the people to run from after your leader jerry must have been taking by Nigerian government. Come to think about it, who gave them audience? Was it not the same yomi that is still in question? About Mr. kudos with a prison uniform,that was when you planed with your group to get him arrested in the cause of translating. he was detailed for about 2 weeks and the law of Thailand remains that no body should be kept in custody after 24 hours. After 24 hours, Kudos was sent to the prison until the day he was called to the court. The same kudos was discharge and acquitted in the court of law because the judge knows that he is innocent. When he was going to court on that faithful day, you sent your boy to snap him picture because of your evil intension. You fool, the world will know you and no country will welcome you .Any country you go to the Nigerians there will drive you away before you recruit your boy. What are you producing in your company at ramkhamhaeng? Is ramkhamhaeng an industrial area? Fool, who are you deceiving? your job is to make sure that Nigerians are arrested if they refuse to pay you money after telling them that their names are in F.B.I list. you have fooled people before not now again.hahahah. come to look at it Jerry, you really made money then, when you tell people that you have seen their names in F.B.I list and you want them pay money so you could remove their names. many pay up to 500,000 baht. Now you can't fool us again. You know all I have written here is true.


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