It is no longer news that Nigeria is a country that was founded on a platform of lies and deceit. If the word Nigeria is not a fraud how come we speak of unity in diversity?
How can she be united when her diversity is like two parallel line that can never meet?
How can she be united if we are divers?
How can she be one when she is divided already into three cluster? In the name of major ethnicity
How can she be one when in the midst of over 200 languages we only recognized three? It is true that all animals are equal but what are the yardstick of determining the some that are more equal than others?
We speak of a nation bound with equality as one yet we operate under the laws of the jungle.
How can the law be blind in Nigeria when one of her eyes are open to see those that are more equal? Why is our leaders not men enough to tell us the bitter truth?
How can three or more building be merged into one with different foundation and location, these are some of the questions that solicit for answers among the teeming youth, why did our founding fathers invent the word unity in diversity? Why Diversity if it cannot be united. Can diverse people really come under one umbrella as one in the absents of equality, equity, justice and fairness? Nigeria invariably is a name of few people, and her populace is not part of the few. If our fathers land has failed us let divert our attention to our mother land. No wonder Russia is address as mother Russia because mothers take care of their offspring. Nigeria is a land that is filled with milk and honey yet her citizens are malnourished in the committee of Nation

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