The attempt by the Lagos state house of assembly to probe Gov. Fashola's administration, is an attempt by the house to discredit the good work which Fashola's administration has embarked upon.
That the probe is coming in the twilight of his administration, is an attempt on the part of Tinubu's loyalist to stop Fashola from contesting for a second term in office come 2011.
Tinubu should be told in clear terms that his days his numbered in  lagos.  

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hi, tinubu I will be glad if you can make your point known to the world, the reason why you don't want fashola to contest for second term and if it is a trick you better stop it . Hope you know what trick as cause in other political party .BE CAREFUL!
I guess the thief-eyed man is envy that at last someone has prevailed where he has whoofly failed. It would be at his interest to close his corrupt mouth and concentrate on his ill-gotten gains, while he still can. Despicable molest goat! Mmee mmee!
Nice Post......


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