The Best Product Or Services To Create That Sells Faster


If you are a product creator or you offer services, before you choose your next product to sell/ service to render, read this post till the end.

We all know that to make money, you give value (sell a product, or offer service...) its no longer news.

But the issue remains, what should i sell? which service should i render?

that is why you need to read this post to the end.

Every product and service has a market, but some have larger market size than others.

Some products and services sell faster and more than others.

Answer this question?

Two different product creators create an info product for students (17-25 Years). of course students have large market, if you actually know how to structure your product and market it.

The first product creator (Mr. AB) create an eBook titled "HOW TO READ AND UNDERSTAND FAST"

The second product creator (Mr. AC) creates an eBook too titled "10 WAYS TO PASS YOUR EXAMS WITHOUT CHEATING"

Which of these products will students buy more?

Of course the answer is Mr. AC product... I will tell you why.

Another instance

Two different product creators create an info product on civic rules.

The first product creator (Mr. BD) create an eBook titled "HOW TO OBEY CIVIC RULES e.g Traffic"

The second product creator (Mr. BG) creates an eBook too titled "HOW TO ESCAPE CIVIC RULES WITHOUT PENALTY"

Which of these products will people buy more?

Of course the answer is Mr. BG product.

As a digital marketing consultant who helps businesses and ideas grow, i have come to understand that there are factors that makes products and services sell more than the others, which every product or service creator must consider, that is what i will share with you.

#1 Sell WANT more than NEEDS

Want has larger market than need. People go for their want more
than need.

Why do you think Uber is selling and increasing daily? Google map users are tripling by the day?

Its simple, they are selling WANT.

People want to book taxi, swerve through routes, beat traffic, locate directions at the comfort of their phone.

I traveled to Lagos few weeks back.

I went to one of the biggest News Satellite stations in Africa (I
wont mention name), for business as usual.

When i got there, i heard two young girls, who visited Lagos for the first time, discussing of how Google map told them the will reach their destination within 18mins but they got there 3 hours time.

They forgot the traffic nature of Lagos. what they needed was a direction from someone who actually knows Lagos well an they its traffic state, and possibly tell them not to be in haste, because there will be traffic.

But their human nature wanted to feel belonged by using mobile Apps to find their way.

Hope you are getting the picture now?

Every student NEED to know how to read and UNDERSTAND, but who cares? Men! pass the exam and get going.. that is what an average student WANT.. and guess what? they have the larger market size.

people should consider their NEED first before want, but the reverse is the case.. people open their wallets to their WANT faster than their NEEDS.

Have you ever walked on the road or travel in a bus, you dont really have enough cash to meet up your NEEDS/ demand that week, you really NEED to conserve the little you have, and suddenly, you walk pass a store that showcases a biscuit or something else you dont really need at that time, or in the bus, a hacker comes selling something you dont need at that time, but YOU suddenly see yourself opening your wallet to buy that thing... I bet you, It will take Gods grace or Super strong willed person to control himself.

I have fallen victim of such incident severally, and i know you have encountered such,

Do you know why you bought that stuff? Its because its your WANT.

Hope you are catching the jerk?

So when next you create a product or service, ask yourself is it categorized under WANT or NEED?

Mind you am not saying that NEED does not sell. It does! But a smart marketer or business person goes for what sells with larger market.


When you get someones emotion, they open their wallet to you.. (this is one marketing and selling technique most people dont know).

Check every advert on T.V or radio that sells more, it appeals to people's (potential clients) emotion. Even online, you only read new, click on adverts that appeals to your emotion at that given moment... That is why you need to choose the right picture, video and headlines and titles. That is why marketer split test their adverts.

People make their buying decision based on emotions, instead of common sense... this applies to selling WANT too.

Most people makes decision on what to buy with their hearts and not with their heads.

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