Many ladies who are dark have really searched for many ways to make up, just for them to look attractive and even more charming than they are with their natural beauty but they have not seen. Though most of them have tried their best While some have applied the ones they know or the ones they were thought and they think its the best. 

It all feels like a dream to me today, because I never knew I will be so perfect with makeup, It feels like it happened yesterday though it was 8years ago, when I started as a beginner learning how to make up, even  making some mistakes on my face as well, some of them makes me feel and look even uglier. The reason is that I don't know color combinations on make-ups, but as it stands now, I'm a professional in makeups no matter your skin color. The truth is, I'ms till surprised at my self because \i never knew that I will one day be a great makeup artist.

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