prensently there is tension among 200L mbbs student in the faculty of medicine ABU zaria as no one is sure of their admission status. The tension came as a result of disacreditation of faculty of medicine by dental and medical council of Nigeria. Meaning the faculty can't graduate student as medical doctors. For the faculty to regain its acreditation they conducted an aptitude test for restructuring number of students to 120 student in the class(out of more than 230 students). Now say your view: will it be proper for the faculty to ask the remaining students that could be among the120 to leave the faculty?

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It is rather unfortunate the fate that has befallen the students.  This unfortunate incident further exposes the inepitude and insensitivity of the school authorities to the plight of students.  One begins to wonder why a school should admit students into a course as sensitive as medicine when it knew that it has not all it takes to run the faculty.  However since it has proned down the number of students it can take, the remaining students should be allowed to choose whether to be assigned to our depts in the faculty or to head home.  That will be very painful both to the students and to their parents anyway..


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