1. Hell was not meant for you.

2. It is a place of separation. Luke 16:26

3. It is a place of outer darkness. Matt 22:13

4. Hell fire is a place of regret(had i know).

5. A place that burnth with fire and brime stone. Rev. 14:10, 21:8

6. The only place where fire can not be quenched. Mark 9:43

7. Hell is a place of torment. Luke 16:25, Rev. 20:10

8. Hell is a place where the power of death looses it's strength. Rev.9:6, Mark 9:44

9. It is a place of no mercy. Luke 16:24-25

10. The only place where the love of God can not be found.

Beloved hell fire is a very terrible place worlthy to be scared of. Don't allow anything to take you there. The book of Mark chapter 9 vs 43 to 48 is a warning and an advice to all.

Hear these facts; But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexual immorals, sorcerers, idolaters and all liars shall have there part in the lake which burnth with fire and brimestone, which is the second death.

Beloved, have you found yourself guilty of any of these mentioned acts? it is a sin. Repent give ur life to Jesus and be saved. For today is the day of salvation and the hour is now. Remember it is a very terrible thing to fall into the hands of the lord.


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May God help us!
I luv this


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