If you would visit Tibet, you would definitely learn much about its culture and traditions. You would also get to visit some of its outstanding monasteries and religious shrines. If you try to walk inside these famous Buddhist shrines, you would notice various artistic representations. The most famous of these aesthetic symbols of Buddhism are the 8 Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism. But what is the significance of these 8 auspicious symbols of Buddhism?

You may be surprised as to why these 8 symbols are called “auspicious”? They are called “auspicious” because they are symbols that are conducive to success. They signify future success for those who understand them deeply. Hence, these 8 symbols are often seen in many altars in front of the Buddha. They also often serve as the focal points of meditation and contemplation for believers.

Westerners may not understand the Tibetan symbols meanings. But for those who are believers, these symbols have something to do with future success, spiritual victories, and favourable happenings in the future. So, if you want a better future or if you want to grow deeper in your spirituality, it will be good to make these symbols your focus in your medication and contemplation. Here are the 8 auspicious symbols of Tibetan Buddhism:

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