Emotional abuse often gets addressed second to physical abuse because, unlike the latter, there are no visible scars and immediate obvious damage.
However, emotional abuse is just as horrendous to your relationship as physical abuse and should not be condoned in any way.
But then, how do you solve a problem when you do not know that it exists?
So, here are to things to watch out for in order to know that your partner is [intentionally/unintentionally] being emotionally abusive.
1. Unfavourable comparisons
If your partner never tires of maliciously comparing you to people that are better than you, it’s a sign of emotional abuse.
A good partner recognizes what the feeling of insufficiency does to a person’s psyche and will not intentionally do so, and surely not regularly.

2. Act like dating you is a favour to you
This is a major sign of an abusive partner. They mess with your head and make you feel like no one else would want you.
If your partner ever does this, even in jest, you should definitely keep an eye open.

3. Justify toxic actions with love
If your partner tries to rationalize extreme jealousy, unnecessary watchfulness, robbery of every trace of your independence and other actions by claiming it is because they love you, you need to know this is a sign of emotional abuse.
Being in love magnifies togetherness, but not to the complete detriment of individuality which it is meant to be preserved no matter how interconnected your life and your boo’s gets.

4. Downplays your worth
A partner who makes you feel like you’re worthless and useless is surely not one for you.
If they make you question your intelligence, make you feel less of a person than you are, and intentionally use their words to tear at your confidence and rip off your worth, you know better that to not run away as far as you can.


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