Supermarket Business Plan & Feasibility Studies 2020

The most important thing anyone going into the supermarket business should consider is
LOCATION. It is not about just setting up a supermarket anywhere, you have to consider
certain things in regards to the proposed Location of site like How densely populated the
area is, is the road to my supermarket good and accessible? What kind of people are in the
surrounding area, are they civil servants, company workers or business owners? Is there a
bus-stop nearby? All these things are key factors to consider before deciding where to set
up that supermarket.

to the Location you intend establishing your business. They include;

  • Road Accessibility : Before opening that supermarket, the one thing you should have in mind is that there is going to be lots of vehicles coming in and out of the Supermarket. There are also going to be Pick-Up and delivery trucks coming in and out as some will come to deliver items to you, while some customers might come with the intention of buying bulky items like refrigerators and other large items so if the road is not motor-able that’s a no-no.
  • Population Density: This is a huge factor as you need to situate your supermarket in a location that is close to a Densely populated area so as to get enough traffic to your store. If you cannot set-up your supermarket In a densely populated area, at least set it up close to one better still, look for a fast developing area and place it along the road.
  • The People: Believe it or not, this is very important. It tells you the kind of people around that area and how much they are willing to spend on luxury items. For instance it will necessary having a furniture gallery in an already developed and established environment(*Mind you I said not necessary I did not say you should not venture into it). This is mainly because most of them already have furniture  and might not be looking to buy one in a while. But in an area where development is ongoing, having a furniture gallery would surely pay-off.

Next Step is Drawing Up the Business Plan.

Anyone can start up a small business and with luck or skill get it going strong. However if
you are going to invest heavily in the business or is looking to really make this business
grounded, proper planning is required and that means drawing up a business plan which
will give proper analysis and insight.

To get the full Supermarket Business Plan and Feasibility Studies,   Pay the Sum of N10,000 to 0138589926 Olise Ijoma Gt bank and send  a text with email and proof of payment. Once that is confirmed, the Supermarket Business Plan  will be sent to the mail sent  via Text.

Another reason why you need to settle down get and study our Supermarket business plan
and feasibility studies is that starting and running a supermarket is heavily capital
intensive. A huge capital is needed to start, run and maintain a supermarket hence it is not
something you should do callously.

The business plan PDF file contains the following, the Executive Summary (full
introductory analysis summarized here), Setting up your Supermarket properly , (full
details in business plan pdf), The Detailed financial analysis which includes running
cost and profit margin (full details in business plan pdf), Detailed instructions on how
run and maintain this business including staffing and all (full details in business
plan) Marketing strategy (full details in business plan pdf), Competition analysis (full
details in business plan pdf) etc.

With proper planning and good management, a N5 million  (can be higher or lower) investment in a supermarket could  easily result in N25 million of pure profit within six months.

As you may already know Supermarket or grocery stores account for the largest share of
food store sales in Nigeria. statically grocery stores accounted for 90% of the country’s
food and beverage store sales, while supermarkets accounted for 95% of the total grocery
store sales.

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