study Medicine in one of the most affordable ,top quality schools in Georgia

Akaki Tsereteli State University

Akaki Tsereteli State University (ATSU) is one of the oldest higher education institutions of Georgia established 84 years ago in 1933,located in city Kutaisi, Georgia. Kutaisi is the political center of the country, it has an international airport and the parliament of Georgia is also situated there.

Faculty of Medicine

One-step High Medical Education Program / MD / MBBS
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Faculty of Medicine is accredited by:
v Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia
v WHO (World Health Organization)
v WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools)
v FAIMER (Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research)
v WFME (World Federation for Medical Education)
v MCI (Medical Council of India)

ATSU Is a member of:
v AMEE (An International Association for Medical Education)
v AMSE (The Association of Medical Schools in Europe)

The program is listed in AVICENNA Directories

ATSU has more than 18 buildings in Kutaisi;
ATSU has a library with access of EBSCO, Cambridge, Bio One electronic database, Evergreen electronic catalogue;
ATSU provides well-equipped dormitory;
ATSU has a modern university clinic.

Why Georgia?
v Simplified visa process;
v Ranked among top 10 safest countries;
v European standard life – visa free regime with Schengen countries;
v European education - Joined Bologna Process in 2005;
v Low living expenses;
v Affordable School fee!

We do not have an entry exam for foreign citizens and since the program is in English language students should have reading and understanding, skills in English, but we do not request an English language certificate, and those students who have poor knowledge in language are encouraged to take additional English language courses.

Here are some useful videos about our University and our Country:

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