McGill University, Montreal was established in 1821, by the royal charter in Montreal. The university was named after a popular Montreal business merchant known as James McGill whose properties and will in 1813 formed the university’s precursor, McGill College. The school is the only Canadian member of the Global University Leaders Forum (GULF) within the World Economic Forum from which has Twenty-six (26) universities in the world and also among the two universities outside the U.S who are members of the Association of American Universities.

The school offers diplomas, certificates and degrees in over Three Hundred (300) academic fields of study, with the highest average admission requirements of any university in Canada. Many students are enrolled in the five largest faculties, namely Science, Arts, Medicine, Engineering, and Management.

McGill University offers a variety of activities and events to integrate international students in the university’s community as well as to introduce them to the cultural lifestyle of the people of North America. The university is home to about 10,000 international students who make up of more than One-Third of the student population. The school hosts more than Five Hundred (500) incoming exchange students from across Thirty-two (32) countries.

McGill University Tuition Fees For International Students 

McGill University tuition fees differ. Students of Quebec province receive discounts but that also depends on the program offered. For students studying Arts and Sciences courses, Quebec students are charged about CAD$ 2.4550.50 yearly, while international students pay CAD$ 16, 815,60. Listed below are the Tuition fees for international students at McGill University.

  • Tuition                                       $16,815 – $45,263
  • Ancillary fees                             $1,489 – $2,149
  • Mandatory Health Insurance    $1, 095
  • Books and Supplies                  $1,000
  • Education Cost                         $20,534 – $49,144

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