It is okay to not be good in everything. Everyone has their own individual strength. Please don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone has their own path, their own story,their own experiences, and own journey. Your journey will be different from someone else’s.
It’s okay to be you… in fact, it’s the best thing to be you and only you, not anyone else.
Where you are right now is part of your journey. If you’re mentally in a dark place right now, you just need to find the strength to grow and evolve.
All the answers you seek are within you. You’re a being with all ready with all the components you need for this life. Do not measure yourself with messages from outside of yourself. Look within. The answersare there. This is why it is important to meditate and clear your head of distracting thoughts.
While you may find yourself admiring others, take a moment to stop and acknowledge how far you’ve come along yourself. Don’t forget to give yourself credit for your accomplishments no matter how “big" or “small."
Stay true to yourself.

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