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"Aboki! you don dey close your shop? I want buy something na! Tunde said with a typical pitiable Nigerian face; Oga na! I no fit sell anything for you, I dey go Jumat prayers, you no know say today na Friday! Adamu said with an air of finality. Abeg na!if you sell finish you go pray na, Tunde begged hopelessly. Oga you want make Allah vex for me!I no sell, come back after !!! Adamu said and ran off with his praying materials..."

Nigerians are arguably the most religious people on Earth,they reverence their religious faith more than anything. Religion has a psychological effect on how things are done in the most populous black nation,when you see a Christian on a Sunday morning, dressed up in the solemnity of sainthood, and the zealotry of a moslem Faithful to abandon everything to be in the mosque,and the devotness of a traditionalist whilst he is pouring libations to the gods of his ancestors,one will be consumed by the assumption that Angels dwell in Nigeria.

The subject of religion continues to be a burning issue with all its sentimental affections,it is a determinant for political decisions,it shapens our national policies and ensures that there's always a sense of moral balance,the two major religious inclinations in Nigeria, believe in a transcendal life after here, they are more conscious of goodness and badness on supposedly holier days,they avoid compromises, sinfulness,lies,corrupt practices and embrace of social vices during the pendency of these periods.

The eagerness and feeling of excitement on Fridays and Sundays on the streets will explain how religiously conscious Nigerians are,but one would have expected that all the values and virtues,purified and incorruptible principles taught in these holy places by spiritual leaders will reflect in our national life and productivity,one would have expected that Nigeria will be: corrupt-free,crime free,there would be total abhorrence of heinous killings, one of the developed or fast developing country,Serene and peaceful,trustworthy and transparent people;they will have the best leaders in the entire world(considering that most of these leaders occupy sensitive positions in their religious circles), improved life expectancy(absence of foreign medical tourism), advanced infrastructure, and every conceivable thing that is associated with a God-Loving people(Paradise).

But instead, on Mondays we only see people with little or no regards for national values,zero affection for national development,improved anointing for siphoning and laundering of public funds, penchant for poor quality delivery in public contracts, perpetuation of social vices that has projected Nigeria as the giant of corruption;then I wonder, what happened to the clothes we wore on Friday and Sunday?

God has actually blessed Nigeria with immense natural and human resources, everything to be called "God's paradise which would have been a reminiscent of what the world sees during Christmas and Salah celebrations but neve! wear borrowed holy garments during these holy seasons only for the appraisal of the world,then we resume on weekdays with our stained corruption infested garments for national service which has continuously plundered the international image of this country. We sacrifice wonderful values and principles for material gratifications,we boast of insensitive leaders and institutional mismanagers when entrusted with national assests and resources,we empower favoritism, nepotism, tribalism, sectionalism,and mediocrity at the expense of the required national standard for meritocracy, de-tribalism, national affection and expediency which inexorably puts a nail on the coffin of socio-economic growth.

Nigerians have learn to smile even in the face of adversity but we have also recalcitrantly refused to reassess our national devotion and dedication, we claim we are good people in a great nation but we have consistently maintained a bad international image with our unrepentant swindlings and institutional decadence,no doubt we love God (at least we struggle to show that on worship days) but how many of us are guided by that spiritual compass in our national life,even recently,a shocking revelation was made about a group of persons who doubled financial records possibly in an attempt to steal,even these holy places are no longer safe!

It is certain we are National hypocrites since we have refused to replicate the God-like qualities we all learn every weekend,we offer solemn reverence to the creator of Nigeria but have little values to sustain and tender the paradise given to us!

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