Do you want to start a profitable soap making business in Nigeria? If YES, here is a complete Feasibility study soap making business plan which can be used soap making start up guide,  proposal for soap making Plan in Nigeria ,Business Grant Applications, Applying for Bank Loans, soap making business Proposal writing, Business Concept Note, and seminar presentation

To some people soap making/soap production is simply just a hubby but for an entrepreneur soap making business is a very lucrative business which can be done by anybody.

Soap are used everywhere, homes, offices, restaurants, hospitals, etc, and that is one of the reason the demand for it is always on the high side.

For a start you do not necessary need an office you can start from your home, small scale and then grow your business to the level of your dream so it doesn’t really matter how you start all you need is a good and working business plan and feasibility study, the necessary skill and determination to take your business to the level you want it to be.

Soap is a universal product and are used for washing and bathing. Soap making involves liquid soaps, detergent, bar soaps. The equipment needed for soap making are fragrances, the soap making machine, rubber, heat resistance plastic, plastic spoon, measuring spoons, stainless steel, steel pitcher, rubber spatulas, protective goggles, small beakers, a soap mold, protective rubber hand gloves, soap pot, plastic ladle etc.

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