Snail Farming in Nigeria is a business that anyone can start, the capital required to start this business is not much and in a little time you are guaranteed of making millions.

Snail Farming is one of the most lucrative, low capital and easy to run businesses as far as agricultural practices are concerned

In Snail farming you do not require a big parcel of land, you can start anywhere and one of many other reason why we say you can start with very little capital is because the cost of feeding is very low.

There are lots of benefit in Snail Farming in Nigeria and these are

It is very lucrative, easy to run, they are highly productive, they are environmental friendly, good export opportunities.

With just very little you can achieve so much from this business but for the fact that it is very simple and easy to run does not mean that anyone who is without enough knowledge of the business can just succeed.

The key to every business is in depth knowledge and understanding all areas of the business and that is why there is a well written and detailed Snail Farming Business Plan for all Snail farmers.

Snail meat is one of the most popular meat in Nigeria because of it high nutritional value, is a good source of protein and its rich in Calcium, Vitamine E and C, Phosphorus and Magnesium

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