How to Convert Waste to Wealth

I know that someone reading this article will be wondering how one can actually convert waste to wealth. Another might ask, “Is it possible to convert waste to wealth? Well, the truth is that it is very possible and it gives me pleasure to write about this because I am about to reveal something that only a few people know about. This is one business that is often over looked by many, especially farmers but sincerely it is the most versatile and prolific agricultural venture that can give any farmer one hundred percent (100%) return on investment (ROI) within six (6) months to one (1) year of starting it. This business is “Mushroom Farming”; this crop is so versatile that there is nothing to discard even after harvesting for several months. The contents of the already used colonized bags can also be used as organic manure for other crops. Mushroom can also be used to produce juice, just as we have the fruit juices everywhere.

Now, let’s talk about what this waste is, the waste I am talking about is saw-dust. We know that mushrooms grow on old fallen trees and woods and it’s not possible to get enough mushroom for a nuclear family, talk more of getting enough for commercial purpose. The only way one can get enough mushroom and sell for money is by using sawdust to plant the mushroom. As I said earlier saw-dust is waste so using it to cultivate mushroom will not cost you much, and since it is waste it has to be sterilized before using it to cultivate mushroom. Mushroom also has seed known as spawn which has to be inoculated into the sawdust. So you don’t need to go to the bush of forest to look for mushroom on fallen trees. I also talked about colonized bags on the first paragraph, now I just want to explain what colonized bags are. Colonized bags are the bags in which mushrooms are planted. The saw-dust is usually put into the bags, sterilized and the spawns inoculated into the saw-dust.

On a final note I want to encourage anyone planning to go into agriculture especially now that the crude oil market is failing, and the immediate past government has mapped out plans to diversify the economy through agriculture, to consider mushroom farming because it will sure give you far more than what other regular agricultural products will give you. One reason is that it is in high demand but we have very few mushroom farmers. In case you are wondering where to sell it or who will buy it, I have good news for you. There are millions of people that need mushrooms, companies, super markets and restaurants that need mushrooms daily. Besides that, you can produce juice with mushroom as I said earlier and we have packaging companies here in Nigeria. I have written some articles on mushroom farming. So, to get more detailed information on mushroom farming, you can visit

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