There are some kinds of ladies men value and respect and as a lady you should be one of those types of women men respect. A real man does not respect every lady, but only the type of ladies we will be mentioning below.

20 reasons why men leave the woman they love -

1 Men respect ladies who dress decently and beautifully without exposing their body. A man can date a woman who doesn’t dress decently, but when he wants to get married, he will marry the one that dresses decently. So ladies, always dress decently because that’s the kind of woman men only respect and marry.

2 Men respect ladies who are intelligent, ladies who are smart and educated. Men love chatting with intelligent ladies who they will be confident being with all the time. Men also want to marry an intelligent and educated lady who can manage the finances for them. Ladies, be educated and smart, go to school, so that when a man sees you he will respect you as a woman.

3 Men respect ladies who are still virgins, they value them and would not want to take advantage of a virgin who they know has been keeping herself for her future husband. Ladies, keep yourself, don’t allow yourself to be deceived by all these street boys who chase after you.

4 They respect ladies who don’t chase after men. No man wants to marry a lady that flirts or chases after other men because of money or intimacy.

5 They respect ladies who do not force themselves on men. A man does not value or respect a woman that forces herself on a man. It shows a woman is desperate when she forces on a man.

6 They respect a lady who doesn’t ask for money all the time. A man values a woman that has an income of her own and does not ask him for money just to buy the little things she wants.

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