Some years ago we all supported buhari as our president, some pastor even said it was started in their dreams or they saw it as a vision that he will be the next President to turn Nigeria around. We all shouted calling change everywhere, even praising buhari by saying saibaba but till date there is no change from anyone of them. Instead of change that we vetoed for things change from fair to worst.
Since the beginning of his government I never write any article against PMB but I can't bear it anymore, killing here and there, fulani herdsmen are now the owner of every land in Nigeria, they kill without measure, they make people cry, they make people run and leave their children, husband, wife. It doesn't take PMB a day to declare IPOB a terrorist group in Nigeria but looking at the situation at hand now, the fulani who has been terrorizing Nigerian's peace and unity has not been declare anything by the president. Is it that PMB is supporting them or what? I support Mr Peter Ayodele Fayose the executive governor of Ekiti State on his stand that the president should declare the fulani herdsmen a terrorist.
Today 73 persons was buried, mass burial was announced without any action against those fulani herdsmen. Children, mothers, fathers, uncle and aunt was buried today in Benue State, what will be the situation of their children, wife, husband, father and mother, what will be their fate, how are they going to react to this!!!
This is the right time for the president to speak out and find a solution to this before Nigerians start reacting to this. It is painful to kill one's father, mother, children. This is wickedness of the highest order. PMB is better you do something.
Nigerians are watching you, the king that rule with war will end up in war, but the one that rule with peace will end up having peace.
Those people who are killed voted you in as a president, they campaigned for you during the election, they fought for you, they shouted your name, they believe in you then but how are you going to pay them back Mr President.
Nigerians are not fool..........

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