A relationship should be enjoyable, full of fun and a lovely adventure. But sometimes, the kind of a relationship some people get into is a cheat and deceitful. In most cases, they are lost in it and don’t know the way out. Nothing makes people see you as being dumb and dull as when they see the way you are being overridden by your partner. Notwithstanding, they stay put in the relationship hoping the situation will change automatically. No situation changes on its own accord unless you do something about it.

Before a man could take a woman for a ride he already knew that such woman doesn’t have the gut to break-up the relationship despite the abuse. At least, it is required of a man to treat you like a woman and make you have a sense of self-worth...

Some of the signs are:

1. He has no value for your views or opinion- Your opinion doesn’t matter to him on any issue because he has little or no value for you.

2. Overprotectiveness

3. He is dominance

For more of the signs : treatrelationships.com.ng

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