All these people hiding their faces,Please show some respect here and show your face.If you are a real human as I believe you are,why are you hiding your face? you don't have to put a whole Album,just on your profile,let's see you and know we are chatting with real people.unless you are hiding it for something.

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Fraudstars and those who hide who they are are the two problems we have here.
I don't take anyone that hides his/hr face serious. They are spammers.
Why any one here will conceal their faces is beyond me,who are these people?what are their motives?are they hiding from some people?we need answers..
They are those who write you telling you that they lost their parents in either Vietam war, Liberia or Sudan and that they inherited millions of dollars they would want to transfer to your account.  This is a net work of spammers.  But don't make the mistake of giving them your active accounts number.  If you do, you will be in for trouble because they will defruad you through the assistance of some fraudulent bank officials.
@ a time I was so much afraid With the kind of mails flooding my email that I had to verify from the banks if my accounts are save. Hope they cannot get into someones inbox to obtain info? Even @ a time I had to make changes in my profile just to discourage them. These fraudstars are really a threat.


Its good we are now discusing this issue, to at least make these fraudsters know that we all are aware of all these pranks they are playing.THEY SHOULD USE THIER BRAINS FOR THINGS POSITIVE AND BENEFICIAL TO SOCIETY AND NOT CHEATING.

I just wonder, abi dem no fine otherwise they are fraudsters.
Bro,U don't have to be fine to be here,this is not a beauty contest.We just want to see the face of who we are chatting with.

Okolobah Efe Michael said:
I just wonder, abi dem no fine otherwise they are fraudsters.


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