Should Dieters Eat Consciously to Lose Weight?

If you like to listen to your favouriteThe Faith Diet System  tunes while pumping iron, then this is the app for you. FIT Radio is a music-streaming app that specialises in DJ-created mixes that maintain a consistent beat, which will help with your running. There's a wide range of genres including Spin, Yoga, and Zumba. If you decide to go Premium, there's more than 25 genres and stations, as well as other perks such as no ads. If you love working out to music but can't be bothered to create your own playlist then this is the app for you.If earning money for charity spurs you on to run those extra couple of miles, then you need to check out Charity Miles. Corporate sponsors agree to donate a few pennies for every mile you run, walk, cycle, Segway, whatever you fancy. The app has a list of charities you can donate to, so choose which one you want to support and get going!Does saving the human race while burning off a bunch of calories sound convenient? Then you're in luck, pop off to the app store and download Zombies, Run! This app is an ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure, which was even co-created with award-winning novelist, Naomi Alderman. Every run becomes a mission where you're the hero, with the audio you hear immersing you in your very own zombie film. Complete missions and progress through the story, as well as progressing your own fitness.

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