My friends in house i great u with the love of God. My affectionate, and sincere love goes to confidence anyanwu and timilaemi who schools presently at uniport. GOD bless u all. Amen! I have missed u all especially ur contributions. Hwever, my inactivity was that i lost my nephew of 2yr to my half snr brother who turned kidnapper and child theif in april, we've been trying to get him back after we discovered he was sold to a baby factory barister woman. He's right nw reminded in police net soon to charged to court. I ve also heard of the N150,000 benchmark imposed by our central bank emperor mallam sanusi. Eventhough, his name sounds like 'have mercy' in yoruba, yet this one is like egypian pharoah who wldnt let go until he has de frauded naija people-lucky people to pay his kitchen cabinets- the bank managers.let me leave the rest to u. But whats ur take on this?

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So sad to read of this.  That is man's inhumanity to man.  On Sanusi and the N150,000 benchmark, it is an effort geard towards having a cashless society, which has some advantages. He means well for us because the risk of having one's moeny stolem will be greatly reduced.  The new policy calls for patience and understanding.


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