To answer the question asked in part 1. Sex does not have to happen with any specific frequency or abundance but the more often it happens, the more it enhance the marriage.
A lack of physical intimacy can be distracting in marriage. This fact is highlighted in 1 corinthians chapter 7 vs 5.

Husbands and wives should talk and communicate openly about sex as shying away from it can jeopardise the marriage.

The focus will be on husbands as their selfishness in regards to love making can not be overlooked particularly the so called religious ones.

Sex is more than just penetration and making babies.In most cases, it takes longer for the wife to experience orgasim, so husbands should learn to be patience and involve foul play as it helps in the process of the wife been satisfied as well.

We can therefore conclude that, It takes more than SEX to build a great marriage, but it is impossible to build one without it, as sex it's a key part in the maintenance of marriage.


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