Joy Igoche

In recent times, there have been public uproars on the declination of standards in higher educational system in Nigeria and Africa in general as a result of academic fraud.

This degradation in most recent times has been pinned on sexual harassments of female students by male lecturers in exchange for grades.

It is quite sad to see that this menace is prevalent in Nigerian universities; which ought not to be so. While it is true that some female students have been victims of sexual harassment by some of their male lecturers, on the other hand, some lecturers have also been victims of sexual harassment, although their voices are not usually heard.

Truth be told, it is bound for lecturers in a higher institution of learning to come in contact with a plethora of female students who are in their early adulthood with different built and body physique. It therefore behoves on male lecturers to be disciplined enough not to mix up their work with temporary pleasures.

Exploiting this advantage of constant interaction with lecturers, many lecturers have been seduced by unserious female students seeking for an alternative route to academic success. These kind of students dress provocatively revealing sensitive body parts such as breasts, hips, thighs, back and sometimes, their panties in class. Some of them even employ the direct approach of informing lecturers of their readiness to offer sex for grades.

A lecturer from Kogi state university, disclosed his ordeal about how he was busy working in his office one evening when a provocatively dressed female student walked up to him and said “I am ready for sex.” According to him, with all the moves and passes the female student was throwing at him, he started sweating profusely and it took him all the willpower he could muster to stand up and excuse himself from his office until the lady in question left his office.

The above scenario is just one of several untold stories encountered daily by lecturers in higher institutions. Remember, these lecturers are not robots or sexually impotent.

However, this does not undermine the fact that some male lecturers take advantage of being in positions of authority to sexually exploit female students in exchange for grades.

It is therefore necessary that any laws made by the government concerning this cankerworm of “sex for grades” should encompass both parties constituting the flip side of a coin. There should be punishment for all perpetrators, which include male lecturers victimising female students and female students victimising male lecturers.

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