Separation of powers is a very important political concept. It is important because it goes a long way to determine the relationship between the government and the masses in a state. Coupled with that, separation of power is apparently known as a tool used to ensure justice in the state and accountability in the activities of the government.

Nonetheless, it should be noted that Separation of powers is not the only thing that brings justice, equality and fairness in a country. Sometimes, the nature of the kind of people in a state also contribute. This is why countries that don't actually practice Separation of Powers do very well even till today. So, the argument that Separation ensure justice and avoids abuse of power is not totally true. For me, it is partially correct but not absolute.

In this article, i will be discussing some of the importance of Separation of Powers in a state. You will agree with me that the concept of Separation of Powers has some features that makes it very important. Those importance features will be explicitly explained as we continue. But before going into that, lets quickly see what separation is all about.

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